We fell in love with Westys about 9 years ago;  our pets were aging and we had to take them on our travels. So we bought a little van with a kitchen and a little bedroom at the top; a yellow Westfalia  that we named LadyBug. On our way south people in similar vans kept waving at us and we politely waved back. It wasn't until we talked to other Westy owners that we realized we had entered the Westfalia family. That winter we had 28,000 fantastic kms of fun in Southern Mexico. We never realized how tight the Westy community was but met dozens of owners and made some great friends for life. Since then we have built a Food Truck from an 83 air cooled, installed and rebuilt engines and transmissions and re-fitted numerous Westfalias.

If you believe, as we do, that the journey is as importantas the destination then the Westy way is for you.

We are also happy to work on your Westy.

Gary and Carla

Yukon Westfalia Rentals

(and service)